DIY – Bon Bons

Most Christmas bon bons are filled with a plastic toy you don’t want, a paper hat you won’t wear and a lame joke that is more confusing, than it is funny. Creating your own bon bons is great because not only can you match them to your Christmas decor but you can also put whatever you like inside.

What you need

Wrapping Paper
Ribbon/ Twine
Your choice of goodies to put inside


  1. Measure out a 10 cm X 5 cm piece of cardboard, roll it into a cylinder and secure with a piece of tape. Make sure it’s big enough to fit your chosen goodies inside!
  2. Place the cracker and your prizes inside the cylinder and set aside.
  3. Cut a 13 cm X 7 cm piece of wrapping paper from your roll.
  4. Place the cylinder in the centre of the prepared wrapping paper, making sure that the cracker is sticking out from the cylinder and reaching close to the end of the wrapping paper.
  5. Using the ribbon or twine, pull the wrapping paper together on either side of the cylinder. Be sure that the cracker is threaded through this.

Ideas for Bon Bon Fillings

  • A handwritten note: This gives you the chance to say something nice to your loved ones or give them some encouragement for the year ahead. Don’t forget that these can’t be personalised too much, because you never know who will win a bon bon battle!
  • Chocolates or lollies: You can be pretty certain that this one will be a crowd pleaser! Just make sure the sweets are packaged, so no one is faced with a stale lolly.
  • Jewellery: You can pick up a couple of cute handmade bracelets or rings at the markets for a great price.
  • Lipstick or lipgloss: This option does depend on your guests but if you’re hosting a girls Christmas lunch, it’s the perfect addition.

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