Christmas Tree Brownies

In the month of December, there seems to be one event after another. You celebrate Christmas with your colleagues, friends and then family – twice. By your second holiday festivity, you realise showing up with a bag of chips every time, really isn’t going to cut it. These Christmas tree brownies are incredibly easy to make and will give you the opportunity to get creative!

What you need

Your favourite brownie recipe OR store bought brownie mix
Your favourite icing recipe OR store bought icing
Piping bags
Food colouring (optional)
Christmas tree shaped cookie cutter (optional)

Decoration ideas

Sugar stars
M&Ms minis
Shimmer powder
Candy canes


  1. Bake the brownies according the instructions provided.
  2. Wait until the brownie has cooled completely and move to a flat surface.
  3. Cut the brownie into about 12 even triangles, depending on the size of your pan (Note: you can also use a Christmas tree cookie cutter to achieve this, but there is more wastage this way).
  4. Place the icing into a bowl and gradually add your chosen food colouring and mix until the colour is fully incorporated.
  5. Open up a piping bag and attach the nozzle, then spoon the icing into the bag.
  6. Pipe your desired pattern onto the top of the brownie and start decorating!

Tips and tricks

  • Make sure the brownies have completely cooled before you attempt to cut them into triangles. If they are too warm, the top layer will crack when you try to cut it.
  • M&M minis make great Christmas tree baubles.
  • You can use the end of a candy cane or a chocolate bar as the “stump” of your Christmas tree brownie.
  • Instead of just piping on the icing, you may like to use a spatula to cover the top of the brownie entirely.
  • If you’re hosting a Christmas shindig, try and decorate the brownies to match the Christmas theme in your home.
  • Add a little cake shimmer powder to make your trees sparkle.

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