Holiday Decor

Decorating your home at Christmas time is one of the most exciting things about the holiday season. It often becomes a mini occasion, with many families and friends coming together with food, drinks and music to put up the tree.


Picking your theme can be a vital part of the decorating process. Although you don’t have to choose a theme, it definitely makes things that little bit easier when you’re styling your home. It gives you a base to work off and an idea of things to look out for, rather than coming home with random bits and pieces that don’t work together.

The theme really depends on your own personal style, as well as the aesthetic of your home. There are so many different themes to choose from (or create yourself) but these are some popular picks that you might like to try:

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Now that you’ve decided on your theme, it’s time to get shopping! There might be some decorations that you’d like to carry on from a previous year but if you’re starting from scratch or want to pick up some new bits, these are some must have basics:

  • Christmas tree
  • Twinkle lights
  • Baubles
  • Tinsel or garland
  • Wreath
  • Various tree ornaments

Department stores like Kmart, Big W and Target pretty much have you covered for all things Christmas! They stock everything from Christmas trees right through to novelty pet costumes. There are also some great finds in dollar stores but as far as Christmas lights go, it’s usually safer to purchase them from a retailer you know and trust.

If you’re looking for more unique decorations that are a little fancier, great places to check out are Myer, TK Maxx, Spotlight and Bed Bath N’ Table. Although most of these stores are on the pricier side, their ranges are so lovely that they’re worth investing in!


Here’s the fun part – the decorating!

The tree

This is arguably the most important part of your whole Christmas setup! There’s no wrong or right way to decorate a tree but there are a few tips that might help make the experience easier.

Fluff out the branches: Even if you do have a fake tree, you don’t want it to look fake! Separate the branches and bend them in slightly different directions to avoid it looking flat. Step back and look at your tree from a distance and pay close attention to any gaps that appear. You can go back in and move the branches around to fill any empty spaces, or at least make them less noticeable.

Put the lights on first: There’s nothing worse than trying to wrap a string of lights around a tree, when you keep getting tangled on Christmas ornaments. Separate the lights as much as possible and lay them out on the ground, so that they won’t become tangled again. Switch on the lights before you place them on the tree, so you can make sure that every inch of your tree will sparkle.

Scatter the ornaments: You want your tree to look full, so there’s no point in hanging 6 baubles on the same branch. Try spacing out your ornaments, especially ones that are the same colour or style. Alternate on placing some ornaments closer to the middle of the tree and others closer to the end of the branch.

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The centrepiece

Having a festive centrepiece on your dining room or coffee table will give your home an entirely different feel. Especially if you’re hosting a festive shindig, it’s the perfect touch to your holiday decor! Although there are so many beautiful centrepieces you can purchase, you can also pull one together pretty easily with things you may already have at home.

Try using Christmas scented candles, plants, ornaments and flowers to create your very own look. A cute idea is to fill a mason jar with candy canes or other festive sweets and present it as part of your centrepiece. Not only does it look adorable but it also serves a purpose for when guests pop over.

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The Wreath

Nothing says Christmas better, than a big old festive wreath on the front door. If you’re a willing to splurge, you can find some gorgeous wreaths at places like Myer that will put your neighbours wreaths to shame! For anyone who prefers a good DIY project, you can always create your own wreath using twigs, leaves, ribbons, ornaments and pretty much anything else you can think of!

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While these are the basics of Christmas design, there’s no reason you can’t spread the joy throughout your entire home! Things like festive cushions, printed tea towels, themed flowers and advent calendars are the perfect finishing touches to your holiday decor. Christmas only comes once a year, so you might as go all out, right?

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