October Favourites

Phone Case by The Daily Edited

Long gone are the days of personalising your phone to the point of being able to customise the colour of the buttons – don’t you miss the Nokia 3315? Most of us now have some variation of a smart phone and the only real way of telling them apart is by their case.

The Daily Edited is an Australian brand which stocks a number of accessories including wallets, pouches, notebooks, bags and phone cases. What sets them apart is that they give customers the option to customise the item with their name, initials or a message.

The phone cases are particularly popular, with a variety of colours and styles available for all major phone brands. Unlike many other cases, in addition to being aesthetically pleasing, they will also actually protect your beloved phone – crazy, I know!

The best part is, you have full creative control of the monogramming process, with choice of font size, style, colour and positioning, with a preview function available to make sure it’s just right.

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The Sun and Her Flowers by Rupi Kaur

If you’re a fan of Rupi Kaur, you have probably been eagerly waiting for the arrival of her second book, following the incredibly popular Milk and Honey. It’s tough to compete with a book which spent so long on the New York Times Best Sellers list, but Rupi has come through once again, with a beautiful collection of thought-provoking poetry.

Similar to Milk and Honey, The Sun and Her Flowers is divided into sections which symbolise different phases in the process of heartache – wilting, falling, rooting, rising and blooming. This format is extremely effective and whilst the underlying theme is love, many other topics are explored such as self-discovery, culture and feminism.

“to hate
is an easy lazy thing
but to love
takes strength
everyone has
but not all are
willing to practise”

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When walking into MECCA MAXIMA, the urge to fill a basket with various makeup goodies is very real! The store stocks a number of popular cosmetic brands including Too Faced, Smashbox, Hourglass and Clinque, all of which are amazing but not super affordable.

In early August, the cosmetic giant released their very own line called MECCA MAX. The products are reasonably priced and so far, quite impressive. Some top picks at the moment are the Life Proof cream concealer, Game Face BB cream, A-Lipster liquid lipstick in the shade ‘On Point’ and the Banana Bake filter powder, if you can ever get your hands on it!

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Stranger Things Season One

You’re probably assuming this is an October favourite because technically season two did come out at the end of October and it’s possible to have binge watched the entire thing in a couple of days… Unless of course, you still hadn’t seen season one.

For anyone else who hasn’t quite jumped on the bandwagon yet, Stranger Things is a Netflix original series, which kicks off when a young boy, Will Byers goes missing. His three best friends, Mike, Lucas and Dustin are particularly suspicious of his disappearance and while searching for answers, they stumble upon a girl with psychokinetic abilities – Eleven.

With all the recent supernatural happenings in the town of Hawkins, it’s no surprise that Will’s mum, Chief Hopper and the boys refuse to give up hope that Will is in fact still alive. They just need to figure out a way to find him, with the help of their new friend Eleven, of course.

What makes this series particularly intriguing, is how different it is to any other TV show at the moment. The 80s setting, the child cast and the supernatural themes, truly set it apart. If season one is anything to go by, you’ll be sure to see season two pop up in an upcoming favourites post!

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Anca Eyewear

If you’re looking at expanding your sunnies collection, Anca Eyewear has you covered! The Sydney based eyewear brand stock a range of on-trend sunglasses and glasses, at an affordable price. They range from $15.00 – $30.00 AUD, with everything from classic aviators to dramatic, oversized shades. Some top style picks include: Penelope, Harlow, Sydney, Harley and Ray.

Something particularly unique about the brand is the close interaction they have with their customers and social media influencers. They are big on collaboration, with some fans even being given opportunity to name a pair of upcoming glasses. I was lucky enough to be chosen to name a quirky pair of shades, which I decided to name Astro, after my favourite fury friend.

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