April Health Favourites

Blue Dinosaur Bars

When you’re in the mood for a snack, it’s so easy to nibble on a chocolate bar or down a packet of chips. Sure, we all have our weaknesses and certain cravings from time to time but convenience plays a big part of it. The guys from Blue Dinosaur picked up on the lack of quick, healthy snack options available on the market and thus, Blue Dinosaur bars were born.

These heavenly little gems are gluten free, dairy free, contain nothing artificial, taste amazing and will leave you feeling well and truly satisfied! They come in nine delicious flavours including dark cacao, mac’ lemon, wild apricot and brand new flavours like, banana bread and lamington. Perfect for breakfast on the run, a pre-workout snack or even an after dinner treat.

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Joseph Joseph Dot Water Bottle

It’s so important to keep our bodies hydrated but many of us struggle to hit the two litre mark daily. It can be tough keeping track of your water intake, especially when you’re on the go, which is why the dot bottle by Joseph Joseph is so handy.

Basically, the lid has a tracker built into it, so you know exactly how much you’ve had to drink. Each time you refill your bottle, you simply twist the top and a dot appears. The goal is to reach four dots, which at 600 ml per bottle, will put you at an impressive 2.4 litres per day!

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Ultimate Skin Spa System

The Vanity Planet ultimate skin spa system is a dual-speed, electric facial cleansing brush. The pack contains three brush heads; the daily cleansing brush, exfoliating brush and the silicone brush, for a deeper clean. Proper cleansing can mean the difference between smooth, clear skin and nasty breakouts.

The VP cleansing brush gets right into those pores and gets rid of any left over makeup, dirt and dead skin. Best of all, it leaves your skin feeling super soft and clean, almost as though you’ve just had your own mini express facial.

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Kayla Itsines 28 Day Healthy Eating and Lifestyle Guide

We all know Kayla Itsines for her Bikini Body Guide, which has changed the lives of women across the globe, through both fitness and diet. The Bikini Body 28 Day Healthy Eating and Lifestyle Guide came out late last year and has become a go to for healthy eating.

If you’re looking at improving your diet but you’re not sure how to go about it, this guide is a great place to start. The book contains set out meal plans but more importantly, provides you with nutritional information and advice on what our bodies need and why they need it.

There are over 200 recipes in the book, most of which are of easy difficulty level and contain a reasonable amount of ingredients. Some favourites from the book include the chicken paella, Greek lamb pizza and peanut butter protein cookies, as a ‘naughty made nice’ treat. At the back of the book you’ll also find a 28 day beginner workout guide, complete with an exercise glossary!

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