Donate, sell or throw

A change of season often calls for a bit of a shopping spree, which can result in an overflowing wardrobe. If you’re constantly running out of coat hangers and have trouble closing your drawers, it’s probably time for a clean out!

De-cluttering your wardrobe is one of those tasks that requires a bit of time, especially if you’re easily side tracked. One minute you’re arranging jackets and the next, you’re sitting in a pile of clothes, wearing your old school uniform – you know, just to see if it still fits!

A good way to get through this often overwhelming task is to ask yourself two questions in the process, ‘when did I last wear this’ and ‘when will I wear it again?’ Although it might be nice to keep the top you had your first kiss in, you probably haven’t touched it since your last clean out and won’t until your next one. Memories are important but that doesn’t mean you need to a wardrobe overflowing with them.

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Start by going through all your clothes and pull out anything you no longer have use for. You may then be left with quite an overwhelming pile of unwanted items. A great way to sort through them is to split them into categories – donate, sell or throw.


Donating to those less fortunate is a wonderful thing to do but that doesn’t mean there aren’t rules! There are so many charities that will be thrilled with anything you can give but you still need to be realistic with your donations. A t-shirt that’s covered in spaghetti stains – not so generous. Look for items that are still in good condition that you may have grown out of or just don’t wear anymore. You should want to contribute something that people can enjoy and make use of, just like you once did.


Impulse buys – we’ve all been there. You were so certain about the dress when you tried it on in the store but now… you kind of think it looks like a sack. The good news is, with platforms like eBay, Carousell and Facebook Marketplace, you can turn your retail regrets into cash.

If you decide to try your luck online, be sure to keep in mind that what you sell should be in pretty good nick. No one wants to buy your dirty, old Nike’s that are falling apart. Items with tags or ones that have only been worn a handful of times will often get snapped up pretty quickly. This is also the case with items that are considered to be rare or popular. Just be sure to do your research!

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Now for the easy part. Anything that’s stained, ripped or falling apart beyond repair should simply be thrown out. Unless you can find another use for the fabrics or you’re a bit of a whiz with a sewing machine, just bite the bullet and get rid of it.

De-cluttering may be a painful task but once it’s complete, you’ll have a nice, fresh wardrobe to enjoy!




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