Helping your pets through the summer heat

Pool parties, beach days, ice creams and air conditioning – summer is great, isn’t it? But what if you were an outdoor dog, with a bowl of warm water and a coat of fur? You probably wouldn’t be the biggest fan of summer time.

With the holiday season drawing to a close and Australian summer in full swing, it’s important to remember our furry friends, as temperatures begin to soar. Our pets rely on us for almost everything and during the warmer months we need to be extra vigilant to ensure they are safe.

Here are a few tips you can use to help your pet through the warmer seasons.

1. Make sure your pet has access to clean, fresh water at all times. If they are outdoor pets, fill up multiple bowls and make sure they are placed in shady areas. You can also fill the bowls with extra cold water from the fridge or add ice cubes, so the water stays cooler for longer. Remember to refill the bowls frequently because if the day is hot enough, the water disappears quickly!

Photo: Olivia Ricciardiello

2. If you are home on a hot day, if possible, let your pet inside the house for some relief from the harsh sun – especially if you have air conditioning. If your pet must be kept outdoors, spend some time trying to help them cool down. Some popular ideas include filling a kid-sized hard cover pool with water, for them to sit and play in or lightly spray them with the hose to cool them off.

3. Walks are great exercise for dogs but on warmer days they can be harmful. They are easily exhausted and once the sun hits the footpath, it becomes extremely hot. This can burn your pooch’s cute little paws – think about how you feel when your feet hit the hot sand at the beach. Go for walks either really early in the morning before the heat comes, or in the evening once it cools down.

Photo: Olivia Ricciardiello


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