Funfetti Cupcakes: Classic Vanilla with a Pop of Colour

Vanilla cupcakes are an underrated classic. With the right texture and icing, they are the perfect treat. But their appearance – not so exciting.

If you’re looking to put a bit of a spin on the traditional vanilla cupcake, without changing the flavour entirely, funfetti is for you. It’s everything you love about the sweet treat, with one added ingredient – sprinkles!

Funfetti cupcakes are super easy to make. You can use any vanilla cupcake recipe (homemade or packet mix) and any type of sprinkles. These particular cupcakes were made using the Perfect Vanilla Cupcakes recipe by What Jessica Baked Next.


What you need:

Your favourite vanilla cupcake recipe OR store bought vanilla cupcake mix

Your favourite vanilla buttercream recipe OR store bought vanilla frosting

1/2 cup of sprinkles (100s & 1000s or sugar strands)

White cupcake wrappers  (to ensure you can see the rainbow)

Most recipes make about 12 cupcakes but if your recipe is for more, you will need to add more sprinkles to the batter but don’t go overboard!


  1. Mix all your batter ingredients together using an electric mixer, until smooth.
  2. Add half a cup of sprinkles to your cupcake batter and fold through using a spatula.
  3. Line your cupcake tray using white cupcake wrappers.
  4. Evenly place the mixture into the cupcake holders. The easiest way to do this is to pour the mixture using a jug or distribute the mixture using an ice cream scoop.
  5. Place your cupcakes in the oven for the recommended time, following your chosen recipe.
  6. When ready, remove your cupcakes from the oven and leave them in in the tray for a few minutes, then transfer to a cooling rack.


Buttercream or Icing

The Perfect Vanilla Cupcakes recipe was used, once again, for the buttercream on the cupcakes in the images shown. Another option is the Classic Buttercream Frosting recipe by Savory Sweet Life, which is great because it isn’t overly sweet!

Ensure that your cupcakes have cooled completely and attach your desired nozzle to a disposable frosting bag. Pipe the buttercream onto the cupcake and top with your chosen sprinkles. If you’re using icing or store bought frosting, use a spatula to smooth the icing over the cupcakes and add some extra sprinkles!




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