Such Cute, Many Barks, Wow.

There are times in life, that we must deal with people that test us. They might be friends, family or strangers, but sometimes it seems things might be a whole lot easier if we were more like dogs. Loyal, loving, caring, happy and oh so cute. So here’s just a few of the reasons why dogs are often better than people.

They appreciate the little things.
There is a certain innocence about dogs; maybe it’s their playful nature or the fact that they rely on us for pretty much everything. Humans are a little more complicated; it takes a lot to keep most of us entertained. Things like television, smart phones and social media have all become necessities in our day-to-day lives. But have you ever seen the pure excitement on a dogs face when you hold up a leash? What about when it’s dinner time? Or if you’re my dog, a toilet roll seems to be entertaining enough. It makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, seeing how something so small can completely make their day.

They love you no matter what.
This kind of love is different to anything else because it is completely unconditional. There might be times when you’re a little busy with work or study and which might mean missing a walk or playtime. Maybe it was you who drove them to the dreaded veterinary clinic, or gave them a bath when they’re not the biggest fan of water. Whatever the instance may be, you can bet soon enough your little pal will be right there, smiling back at you. They hold no grudges and still adore you, even if you make them wear some hipster harry potter style glasses.

They are there for you when no one else is.

It’s funny how animals can sense how you’re feeling. Just a couple of weeks ago I was feeling a down in the dumps and my dog jumped up on my bed and knew I just needed a cuddle. I think that’s the most beautiful part; there’s no agenda or obligation, it’s simply because they love you. Then there’s the added bonus that they can’t talk, so you know all your secrets and dorky household habits are well and truly safe with them.

They give you a lot of good times.

Let’s face it; most dogs have a good 10 to 15 years in them, which in comparison to our lifespan isn’t all that long. The impact our canine friends are able to make on our lives during such a short amount time, is remarkable. They truly become a part of the family and once they’re gone you realise just how much they bring to your life. Silly faces, funny games, that time they pooped under your parents bed on Easter morning, you know, the good stuff. The things you’ll remember as you get older and probably part of the reason why you continue to have pets in your life.

Thank you once again to Olivia who took all the lovely photos. Click any of the images to check out more of her stuff!

Then of course, the star of the shoot, Astro! My family got Astro from the RSPCA when he was about two years old. He has now been part of our family for ten years and he always brightens my day. Because he was rescued, we knew very little about his past, specifically what breed he is. So I’d really love to hear what you guys think!

Laura Jayne x

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